The QUICK TURN NEXUS 250 MSY-D turning center with Multi-Tasking capabilities and double-turret technology offers high production of complex, multi-process parts and automated operations.

As an MSY configuration, the machine is able to provide amazing versatility via its two turning spindles, milling capability and Y-axis functionality for Done-In-One® production.

The machine’s double-turret technology “stacks” the turning and milling turrets so that one is on top of the other, creating a capacity of 23 tools and increased processing versatility.

The turning turret is a bolt-on type for stationary tooling that performs both I.D. and O.D operations on part diameters up to 7.48”. The VDI-style milling turret delivers 4,500 rpm, 7.5 hp for milling, drilling and tapping work as well as for C-axis contouring and Y-axis off-center machining using the machine’s 4” Y-axis travel.

For unattended, high-production lights-out manufacturing, the QUICK TURN NEXUS 250 MSY-D can be equipped with a GR100 gantry robot loader as well as with a loop pallet conveyor. The two-axis overhead gantry loads and unloads parts from the conveyor that features 12 pallets for continuous machine operation.


  • Two turning spindles, milling capability and Y-axis functionality allows for Done-In-One production
  • Double-turret technology provides large tooling capacity without the the tool magazine expense
  • Durable MX Hybrid Roller Guide System provides long-term accuracy
  • MATRIX NEXUS 2 CNC Control simplifies metalworking operations

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