The HYPER QUADREX 400MY Multi-Tasking Turning Center is designed for a wide variety of large diameter part applications. The machine features rotary milling (M) capability and two turrets with Y-axes (Y) for off-centerline machining cability in the upper turret. Machine headstocks feature integral motors and large diameter spindle bores. Upper and lower turrets work in tandem to provide simultaneous turning and short cycle times.

With high horsepower, speed and torque, the main spindle easily handles heavy material removal, and a strong rigid tailstock provides added support for extended periods of machining on long heavy shaft-type workpieces.


  • High-volume throughput and large part-processing versatility.
  • Upper and lower turrets work in tandem for simultaneous turning operations.
  • Versatile milling spindle on upper turret.
  • Large maximum part diameter capability.
  • Strong, rigid machine construction for heavy-duty metal removal.
  • Intelligent Machine functions.
  • Fast and easy programming.

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