High-volume throughput and part-processing versatility.

The HYPER QUADREX 250MSY Multi-Tasking Turning Center is designed for a wide variety of medium to high volume bar work and/or chuck work applications. The twin-turret machine features an upper & lower turrets (180 apart) with Y-axis (Y) off-centered machining, 6,000 RPM rotary milling (M) capability, and a second turning spindle (S) for simultaneous or balance cutting machining.

Equipped with either robot load/unload system or bar feeders with unloader, the Hyper Quadrex delivers continuous, unattended Done-In-One production.


  • Wide range of part size capability from 3.0" bar up to 13.5" diameters chuck work.
  • Upper and lower turrets with Y axis for off-center machining.
  • High performance integral spindle motors for high speed turning or full C-axis contouring / positioning.
  • Matrix 2 CNC control offers 3D virtual machining that confirms program and checks machine interference
  • Mazatrol Conversational language simplifies programming of the upper and lower turrets
  • Multiple bed lengths available – 34” for bar work, --52” for bar to robot load / unload
  • Quick change VDI turrets, 12 position or optional 16 position available